manos de maiz  is inspired by the tradition of growing maize, the oldest grain in the world. Corn was first domesticated in Mesoamerica and it has always been, the basis of Mexican cuisine.  Joahna Hernandez, a keen advocate of tradition and Mexican culture, founded manos de maiz  to be the go to place in D.C. for delicious, made from scratch street foods .  As a Mexican national, Joahna  grew up eating fresh made tortillas, nothing  makes her feel closer to her roots, than the taste of fresh ground corn. 

manos de maiz celebrates the work of local farmers who harvest the original races of corn not only as a way of living but as a complete way to understand the world and surroundings. it's the corn what makes manos de maiz a unique experience by bringing the flavors of mexican street food to your plate. 

we make maizopes, kekas, tortillas and also, fresh ground masa using organic heritage corn.