For us, corn is much more than just a commodity, for us it means family and tradition. At manos de maíz we source blue (conico) and white (bolita) heritage corn grown and harvested by Purepecha farmers. They have formed a network of 100 farmers whose families have worked the land for centuries and have passed their farming knowledge from one generation to another.

Taste tradition in a new way, try our maizope a thick open faced tortilla made fresh by hand and served with our original recipes of seasonal toppings made with local ingredients. We have a rotating menu every week, please check our social media for updates. 

  • BRISKET TINGA. Beef brisket, caramelized onions and carrots.
  • CHICKEN MOLE. Chicken breast, house almond mole sauce.
  • SEASONAL DELICIOUSNESS. We change our vegan and vegetarian options seasonally. Some of our favorites include:
    • Papas con rajas. Roasted sweet potato with poblano pepper rajas.
    • Spaguetti squash.
    • Hibiscus tinga.