Joahna Hernandez, a keen advocate of tradition and Mexican culture, founded manos de maiz  to be the go to place in D.C. for delicious, made from scratch tortillas, masa and Mexican street foods.  As a Mexican national, Joahna  grew up eating fresh made tortillas, and woke up every morning to the smell of fresh ground masa. She takes inspiration in her abuelita’s traditional cooking and the women food vendors in the busy streets of CDMX, and also, from the small farmers who dedicate their lives to protect the diversity of our heritage seeds.

manos de maiz  honors the tradition of growing maize, the oldest grain in the world. Maize first appeared in what is now Mexico more than 9,000 years ago. Pre Hispanic cultures soon domesticated the plant called teocintle which would evolve and spread throughout the Americas to become what we know today as maize (zea mayz), the basis of Mexican cuisine.

manos de maiz celebrates the work of local farmers who harvest the original races of maize and see it as a world in itself; it´s mystical and divine roots define the worldview of a culture in constant movement. it's the corn what makes manos de maiz a unique experience, we transform organic heritage seeds of Mexican and American maize into fresh ground masa. We are commited to bring the real flavors of maiz to the American palate.