The Manos de Maiz team is happy to deliver fresh and delicious food to your office event or party!

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    • Forget about unwrapping your tamales, order one of our casserole to feed parties for 20 or more. They are prepared with our delicious fresh ground masa and baked in banana leaves.   MEDIUM: $80 Serves 12. LARGE: $150 Serves 24.
      • CHICKEN: salsa roja, queso fresco and crema.
      • VEGETARIANOS: Fresh corn masa, poblano rajas, salsa verde.
      • PUERCO: braised pork shoulder, morita salsa, hoja santa
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  • MAIZOPE OR TACO BAR: Let your guests build their own maizope/tacos/tostadas with our handmade tortillas and signature toppings
    • Brisket Tinga. Slowly cooked beef brisket, three chile sauce, caramelized onions, carrots.
    • Chicken Mole. Chicken breast, almond mole made with dried chiles, almonds, walnuts and spices. 
    • Chicken Salsa Verde. shredded chicken, roasted tomatillo salsa, cilantro. 
    • Seasonal deliciousness. Fresh and seasonal produce sourced from local farmers. 


  • RAJAS: Roasted poblano peppers, onions, corn, roasted potatoes.
  • FRIJOLES: Black beans, rice, carrots, corn, epazote.
  • ESQUITES: Corn off the cob, onions, epazote leaf, mayo, chile piquin, cotija cheese, served warm